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Our construction business provides the following services for our clients to ensure smooth & successful project completion.

• Quotations - Our quotes provide a full breakdown describing what has been included for and where we would recommend changes, if suitable, to achieve a higher finish or suitable cost saving in the client’s interest.

• Contracts - To create trust with our clients, we encourage the use of a contract which will protect all parties involved and ensures everyone has a great understanding of what has been included during & on completion of the project.

• Dedicated Site Manager - We provide a site manager whose role is to liaise & keep the client fully informed throughout the project.

• Weekly Site Meeting - Part of our service is to provide a weekly meeting. Our site managers will discuss works taken place that week & our plan for the week ahead with the client and others involved.

• Valuations for Payment - When it comes to requesting payment or part payment, Vencer provide a breakdown illustrating the value of works completed onsite.

• Project Site Report - We provide a detailed Site Report with photo documentation presenting the highlights and site progress

• Weekly Video Site Progress Tour - Our Site manager will provide a weekly video tour of the project giving the client valuable vision of onsite progress.

• Warranty - On project completion, our clients can be rest assured that our workmanship will come with a 6 months warranty.

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